• Dedicated Cloud Access.

    Get Private Access to Public Cloud Service Providers (CSP) such as Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform along with other Providers.

  • Dedicated connectivity to any CSPs anywhere in the world.

    Experience the benefits of a complete hybrid cloud solution combining our high-performance private cloud access infrastructure and its multiple public cloud connections.

    Connect to Your Cloud

    Connect to the world's largest Cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and others with just one single point of contact.

    Scalable and Seamless

    Cloud Connect gives you the flexibility to scale up infrastructure and support new business growth or services with an on-demand connectivity model.

    Team of Experts

    Our dedicated team of experts keeps your critical operations running efficiently around the clock for an optimized customer experience.

  • Next-Generation Connectivity leveraging your Cloud Computing.

    Luxnetwork provides you simple, scalable, and cost-effective private access network to the leading CSPs.

    We enable you to connect multiple CSPs around the world using our Cloud-centric network.

  • Dedicated Access to Public Cloud

    Direct connectivity to your public cloud environment from anywhere in the world.

    We make the connectivity to your cloud-based business applications simple, predictable and secure.

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    With security, flexibility, and efficiency. Extend your WAN using a reliable private dedicated access network.

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