• Optical Services.

    LuxNetwork provides customers with scalable, cost-efficient, and high-performance offerings for their optical capacity needs.

  • Ultra-high bandwidth optical services to address your requirements.

    Our Optical Services Portfolio provides the required level of network performance for backbone connections, inter-datacenter connectivity, and high bandwidth requirements.


    Our Wavelength service for fiber capabilities is now closer to your locations, meaning you can get today's inter-datacenter capacity proposition that provides aggressive lead times for services up to several 100Gs.

    Dedicated Wave

    Maximizing security with operational separation from other customers. We provide Private Wave that interconnects key business locations to cover disaster recovery and business continuity architectures.

    Alien Wave

    Provides a viable alternative to lighting Dark Fiber with the flexibility and control of an open line system, without the overheads of Dark Fiber. It enables you to leverage your own investments in DWDM equipment.

  • Get the highest levels of network performance.

    LuxNetwork provides you with simple, scalable, and cost-effective optical network solutions.

    We address requirements of customers requiring connectivity between major sites and data centres.

  • A seamless solution for deploying services globally.

    LuxNetwork can provide you with defined network routes and fiber paths with varied options of resiliency with diversity, redundancy, and full redundancy.

    Low Latency

    The fastest path between two points is a straight line.

    LuxNetwork provides a very low-latency infrastructure with high-bandwidth performance to meet our customers' latency-sensitive requirements. From financial trading to response times on e-commerce sites, our offering provides the speed and security your business requires to stay competitive.

    Long Haul

    The expansive reach with a path to high-capacity bandwidth.

    Long-haul dark fiber provides a tremendous advantage. LuxNetwork is focused on designing custom solutions tailored to your exact business needs. Stay ahead of bandwidth demands, adapt to your data transfer requirements, and expand as your business needs.

    Dark Fiber

    Nearly limitless capacity dedicated to you.

    A fiber network, dedicated only to you, that enlarges the capacity for secure data transmission between facilities. Connect office locations, data centers, and carrier hotels with dense metro dark fiber. Make the move to fiber and run your mission-critical applications across low-latency connections for near real-time capabilities.

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