• Share and Source Traffic.

    Globally Connecting World-leading Internet Exchange with Simple, Efficient and On-demand Access.

  • Seamless connect to industry-leading Internet Exchanges. Peer regardless of where you’re located.

    Our IX Peering solution connects you directly and securely to the world's leading Internet Exchanges (IXs).

    Explore the companies peering over our connectivity to the Internet Exchanges. Get to know the local and international service providers you can share data.

    Strategic IXs

    LuxNetwork makes simple and cost-efficient access to the growing number of Internet Exchanges such as DE-CIX, AMS-IX, LINX, FranceIX, NLIX, NYIIX, SGIX as well as other exchanges in local markets

    Peer seamlessly around the globe without having to invest in the network infrastructure to reach the world-leading IXs.

  • We Connect Networks Together

    LuxNetwork provides Remote Peering solutions for accessing the world-leading IX hubs with resilience and Quality of Service. Plus, we feature a fully automated and software-driven solution that allows us to deliver you very fast activation and cost-effective peering.

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    Instantly share and source traffic across local and international networks.

  • On-Demand Global IX Peering


    Our solution connects you directly to the major global Internet Exchanges (IXs), enabling you to benefit from peering with the world's leading global exchanges from anywhere around the world.


    You no longer have to be physically present at Internet Exchanges Points (IXPs) to peer with local service providers.

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