• Global Internet Access.

    The Performance you Need for your Business Network.

  • Unleash the potential of the Internet.

    Our portfolio of Internet Access Solutions is divided into 3 main areas. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and our team will gladly assist you.


    The adoption of SD-WAN by most of our customers has led to a much higher demand for bandwidth and scalability. We support our partners with internet access tailored for SD-WAN solutions.


    Our global Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) solutions are great for important businesses and large offices. With 99,99% SLA, we offer our customers the best quality of service around the globe.


    Communicating with anyone is becoming increasingly important to our business lives. Our broadband solutions are great for smaller offices, remote workers, or low-cost backup solutions.

  • Failover

    Replace the primary link when an outage occurs.

    Fast Deployment

    Short lead time from order to deliver.

    Remote Locations

    Extended reach to remote locations with fiber or copper access.

  • Get connected instantly where legacy networks do not reach

    Networks delivered can be used as primary, failover or underlay. Having no physical transmission medium makes deployment easy with just a 4G/5G-enabled router and ready to use data SIM card(s) and e-SIM technology from Mobile Operators.

  • Mobile Broadband for Business

    4G LTE is the best alternative when Internet service cannot be delivered through fixed-line.

    Remote Access

    Provide to your employees a dedicated 4G line for remote connection

    • Professional Home Office Solution
    • Dedicated 4G router
    • 4G Mobile data included

    Backup Solution

    4G line in a stand-by mode that automatically and instantaneously takes over in case of an outage

    • Automatic and instant failover
    • 4G Mobile data back-up
    • Same IP address during an outage
    • No disconnection


    IoT Connect

    4G is becoming a technology of choice for M2M deployments.

    • Security Systems such as CCTV
    • Facilities Management such as BEMS and HVA
    • Digital Signage
    • Kiosks, ATMs, and Vending Machines
  • Networking Hardware

    LuxNetwork provides additional networking equipment almost everywhere, while substantially improving delivery times thanks to our local partners.

  • Global reach and local expertise in all locations.

    Global coverage​

    By being a single point of contact for our customers, we provide high-quality ICT services regardless of the solution, and time of service deployment.


    Multiple Internet options

    Get broadband, DIA, 4G/5G, Microwave, Satellite, and multiple Internet access options, all available globally.

    Real-time visibility

    Instantly view performance metrics such as latency, application usage, and packet loss in our simple GUI dashboard.

  • Managed Services

    LuxNetwork provides managed services, from IPsec VPN configurations to WiFi and Field Services.

  • From IPsec VPN to WiFi and Field Services.


    Our secured Internet Access provides cost-effective VPN solutions over the public infrastructure as a Backup solution to private network services.


    We deploy and manage public WiFi Hotspots with flexibility, supporting customers to simplify the management of their global WiFi network.


    Our network field services are monitored by our team of engineers who are prepared for any requirement. Our team is always ready for challenges.

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